Next-gen technology for charter aviation

We believe in strengthening the industry from within by building technology for the very heart of charter aviation—Brokers and Operators.

Goodwin Technology for Private Jet Charter

Who uses Goodwin Technology?

Goodwin Technology for Private Jet Charter

What makes Goodwin tech different?

Ai Innovation

Goodwin harnesses AI in engineering to amplify human potential, equipping Brokers and Operators to achieve more without replacing the personal touch.

Machine Learning

Our Machine Learning turns data into strategic insights and signals, enhancing efficiency and revenue margins.

API Outset

Built from the ground up, Goodwin prioritizes API-first connectivity for seamless, future-proof operations.

Ease of Use

Designed for effortless adoption, Goodwin's platform redefines user-friendliness in aviation tech.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Goodwin work directly with travelers?

Goodwin is a technology company focused on building the best-in-class software for private jet charter aviation.

Our commitment is to foster a more innovative and united broker community, recognizing the integral role they play in our mission.

We deliberately avoid direct consumer interactions to concentrate on strengthening the entire broker ecosystem.

Recognizing that new brokers often lack essential resources and technology, our broker incubation program is designed to help them start their own brokerage. Through our short program, we offer clarity and collaboration for the entrepreneur broker to kickstart their journey. With this, these entrepreneurs venture out independently as 'Powered by Goodwin' brokers.


Does Goodwin integrate with my scheduling software?

We understand that scheduling software is the heart of Operators technology stack. Our goal is not to rewrite a new scheduling system, but instead to integrate with what you already have in place.

If we don't already integrate, we'll be happy to do so. Schedule a meeting with us today.


Is Goodwin suitable for all types of brokers?

Yes, brokers of every scale are Powered by Goodwin. No matter where you stand in your business journey, being Powered by Goodwin means having access to technology that elevates your capability to serve, manage, and grow in the dynamic field of charter aviation.‍‍

  1. Emerging ($0-5MM)
  2. Growing ($5-15MM)
  3. Enterprise ($15MM+)

No matter your size, Goodwin is the co-pilot to your business journey, offering the power and flexibility to support and enhance every facet of your brokerage.


How does Goodwin incorporate safety in sourcing?

Goodwin's technology prioritizes safety in aircraft sourcing.

While we track every certificate and every aircraft registered under part 135, our algorithm priorities operators who hold ARGUS and/or WYVERN ratings, adhering to the highest safety standards.


How do I become a Goodwin partner?

To become a partner of Goodwin, start by scheduling a meeting to see if our platform aligns with your needs. If it's a good fit, our onboarding team will guide you through the process of joining as a Broker/Operator partner.